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Benefits of Alliance Coworking Spaces

Warm, friendly and secure work environments

Fantastic office spaces to suit your needs

Network with other local businesses

Community-owned & charitable

Are you a small business, startup or freelancer in need of coworking or office space in Bacup? Look no further than Alliance! Our spaces provide the warm feeling of community within a modern, productive environment where businesses can grow.

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Coworking for Local Businesses to Grow.

In Bacup, many businesses and individuals struggle to find or afford office spaces. Alliance’s goal is to provide a space for businesses to grow while strengthening the community as a whole. Whether you’re looking for a smart, bespoke office for meetings or a place to work every day — look no further.

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Meeting Room Spaces In Bacup
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The Alliance Co-Working Space In Bacup

Spaces to Suit Your Needs.

Every business is different and has unique requirements. At Alliance, we provide dynamic, customisable spaces for you to express yourself and feel comfortable in meetings or conferences. Also, remote access means you can use the space as and when you need to.

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The Alliance Co-Working Space In Bacup
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Remote Office Facilities.

Remote working is great, but one aspect many people miss out on is office facilities (PO Boxes, space for Zoom calls, etc.). At Alliance, you have the perfect space and all the facilities you would have at an office.

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The Alliance In Bacup
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Bacup has a strong sense of community. Our space is community-owned and charitable, with any surplus supporting heritage assets in the area. Members aren’t just members, we’re a family. It’s a fantastic co-working space with strong links to the people who helped to create it. We are passionate about the stories behind the project and the new direction for such an iconic building, such as the furniture being created by Stubbylee Greenhouses.

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Community-driven Office Spaces In Bacup

Who is Alliance for?

Freelancer Work Space In Bacup

Freelancers/Work from Home

We provide workspaces for freelancers and WFH workers as and when you need them.

A place to work or a more professional environment to meet clients. Ditch the kitchen table or coffee shop and make Alliance your new office.

Workspaces For Small Businesses in Bacup

Small Businesses

For small businesses, coworking spaces offer a more cost-effective and suitable alternative to an office.

Why deplete your budget renting an office when all the desk space and remote facilities you need are here at Alliance?

Office Space For Growing Startups In Bacup

Growing Startups

A dedicated working space provides a long-term solution that allows businesses to grow and adopt a more professional approach to work.

Alliance is a place where businesses can grow and network with fellow members.

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Are you a business owner, freelancer or anyone else who requires a dedicated office space?

Alliance provides the environment, facilities and culture to maximise productivity and growth. Book your space online or get in touch with our helpful team if you have any questions.

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