Remote Office Facilities

These days, many small business owners can work remotely without a full-time office. However, the resources and facilities of an office can prove to be a vital resource when required.

Keep reading to learn more about our remote office facilities at The Alliance!

Remote Office Facilities in Bacup

So, what if you are a remote worker or small business owner who doesn’t need a full office set up but need the facilities and benefits an office provides? Well, that’s where remote office facilities can be a game-changer!

With remote office facilities, you get the best of both worlds. The resources and facilities of an office without the cost and responsibility of renting property. While our primary services consist of hot-desking and meeting/conference call spaces — we also offer a ‘virtual office’ service where members can use The Alliance as their business address.

Below is a list of all the ways The Alliance at L&Y Bank can be used as the perfect remote office space!

  • 10 ‘pay as you go’ hot desks

  • Two meeting room spaces (eight and six seats)

  • Hire meeting rooms by the hour to suit your client meeting schedule.

  • ‘Virtual Office’ services — The Alliance will be your business address (PO box) and your mail will be sent here and kept safe.

  • ‘Easy in, easy out’ system

  • 24/7 access using a mobile app

  • Booking and membership management via app/website.

What are the Benefits of Remote/Virtual Office Facilities?

Brand Perception

For modern businesses, brand perception and appearances are a big deal. For some companies, it’s essential for clients and customers to recognise them as an authority in their industry.

Having a professional business address and access to office facilities is a simple yet effective way to ensure you keep up appearances, even if you primarily work from home.

Work/Life Balance

We don’t have to tell you how important it is to balance your work and home life. Unfortunately, working from home can blur the two, which can be troublesome. Having a place to work or office facilities to use when needed can significantly benefit your work and everyday life.

People who successfully balance their home life and career are much happier, more productive and avoid pitfalls such as stress — and we’d love to help you ensure you are one of these people!

Increase Productivity

While many prefer remote working, it can be more challenging to focus and be productive — there are many distractions at home.

Remote office facilities offer a professional environment, and services such as a PO box add more structure to your organisation, no matter if you’re a small business or a one-man-band.

The Alliance provides everything you need to do business your way, no matter where you work from.

Office Facilities

We provide hot-desking, meeting room spaces, and a range of virtual office facilities (PO box, etc.). Perfect for businesses who need a more ‘professional’ address or a quiet area to work.

24/7 Access

One of our more unique benefits is 24/7 access to the space via a mobile app. This ensures our members can use the space as and when required, as many people these days do not work traditional 9-5 hours.

Membership Options

Every person or business is unique, with varying needs. We offer a range of membership options from ‘pay as you go’ meeting rooms to something a bit more regular.

Do You Need Remote or Virtual Office Facilities?

Whether you simply need a PO box to separate your business and personal mail or require remote facilities such as a desk or a meeting room — now you know where to go! The Alliance at L&Y Bank was designed to suit everyone’s needs no matter if you’re a freelancer, small business, entrepreneur or anyone else.

If you’d like to find out more about our remote office facilities, memberships or have any other questions — don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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