Hot-Desking & Office Facilities

Located in the beautiful town centre of Bacup, The Alliance offers a welcoming, productive and flexible environment to work from. Whether you are looking for a place to spend a day working away from home or require something a bit more permanent — we’ve got space for you!

The Alliance Coworking Space in Bacup

Coworking is a trend that began in San Fransisco in 2005 but has since gained massive popularity around the world. And it’s also proved to be a crucial lifeline for freelancers, small businesses, remote employees and entrepreneurs.

Coworking spaces with hot-desking create a community of like-minded professionals. Even if you’re somewhat of a lone wolf, there’s a desk for everyone in our coworking space. Also, did we mention our shared, comfortable seating area to hang out and relax with fellow coworkers?

A productive environment with a wealth of possibilities, collaborative spirit and a place where you can focus on your career with no distractions — what more could one need?

  • Ten desks available

  • Book on a day-by-day basis

  • ‘Easy in, easy out’ system

  • 24/7 access using a mobile app

  • Booking and membership management via app/website.

What are the Benefits of Hot-Desking in Bacup?

Flexible Hot-Desking

Hot-desks at The Alliance are easy to book on a day-by-day basis, with no fuss or hassle. Simply turn up ready to work and benefit from a productive space with Wi-Fi availability and a brilliant sense of community. Who says you need your own office to work every day?

Networking & Collaboration

Our coworking space offers a vast array of opportunities to connect with fellow professionals and local businesses. Everyone from freelancers, small business owners and budding entrepreneurs use our space to continue their growth. All of which can prove to be a valuable connection for future projects!

Welcoming, Caring Environment

As you can tell from our website and our approach to the coworking space, we’re very much a community orientated organisation. This project would not have been possible without a supportive and motivated community, so we give back as much as possible. And we are always happy to see new faces joining our family!

Office Facilities

Alongside hot-desking, we also offer a range of virtual office facilities (PO box, etc.) and meeting rooms. Perfect for businesses who need a more ‘professional’ address or environment for meetings.

24/7 Access

One of our more unique benefits is 24/7 access to the space via a mobile app. This ensures our members can use the space as and when required, as many people these days do not work traditional 9-5 hours.

Membership Options

Every person or business is unique, with varying needs. We offer a range of membership options from ‘pay as you go’ hot-desking to something a bit more permanent.

Are You Looking For A New Workspace?

At The Alliance, we’re excited to build a community within the community, using our co-working space as a place to introduce like-minded individuals to one another. Are you looking for a space to work that’s free of the distractions of your home or a coffee shop? Whether you need a desk for the day or are keen to become a member of our co-working community, we’d love to hear from you!

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